About XOX! Share the Love.

From art museums to your collection.

Strategy meets artistry meets community.

XOX! Share the Love is more than a coffee table board game, or a unique work of art. It was conceived as a way to bring people together in a fun and colorful way. Imagine tuning into the joyful power of play to bring people of all different stripes together in the spirit of fun and friendly competition. And it's a great way to stimulate creative thinking and playing unique board games is good for our mental health. That’s the magic of XOX! Share the Love!

It’s your move.

If you love and collect art, you’ll want to own XOX! Share the Love, it's a First Edition Sculptural Art Piece. It's a terrific gift for art lovers as well as a memorable holiday business gift for associates and clients.


US Patent. US 936,745S