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Lynn Herring Artist
XOX! Share the Love. Museum and Art Gallery Show

Conceptual Artist, Creative Director & Designer, Lynn Herring’s artistic work is influenced by her love of design, sculpture and conceptual art.

In 2016, Advertising Creative Director & Visual Artist, Lynn Herring took a break from her Ad career and sold her dream home in Woodstock, NY in order to attend graduate school. Her desire was to augment her highly-accomplished and decades-long conceptual art practice in sculpture and printmaking. Her goal was to find a way to use art to help heal our world in some way.

As Herring enrolled in her courses at that time, she felt deeply disturbed by the divisions in our culture and was committed to finding a path forward to help bring people back together in a positive, fun and loving way.

During that first year of her studies, Herring crafted brightly-colored and organically-shaped wood Xs and Os. She kept asking herself, "Why am I doing this? I gave up my home to make Xs and Os?".  Never one to give up on the artistic practice, she trusted the process and continued to hold the intention of bringing people together through art.

By the time the second year rolled around her research led to devising a beautifully-designed artistic game. Strategy, purpose, contemporary aesthetics, a sense of fun, smart rules and a good challenge were the most important elements Herring was working with. She constructed a complex and wonky-shaped game board to go along with her Xs and Os.

And three years later, she created a sculptural game rooted in the origins of Tic Tac Toe, that was far more fun and challenging to play, and held the interest of adult players. Even though XOX! is far more strategic than Tic Tac Toe, it is easy enough to learn and has appealed to many people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

XOX! Share the Love® is an artistic and sculptural high-end board game that people love to look at, touch and play. Now you can purchase XOX! Share the Love as a gift for you, your family, friends and community!

"I have been surrounded by people who have supported me with extraordinary kindness and generosity to help launch XOX! The original idea of making an art piece that brings people together in a positive and loving way has been mirrored back to me time and time again during the entire process of creating XOX! That positive spirit is now living in each one of the XOX! Share the Love games."

- Lynn Herring

To learn more about Lynn Herring's art practice visit www.lynnherringartist.com

 US Patent: US D936,745 S