About the Artist

Lynn Herring Artist
XOX! Share the Love. Museum and Art Gallery Show

Conceptual Artist, Creative Director & Designer, Lynn Herring’s artistic work is influenced by her love of design, sculpture and conceptual art.

In 2016, Advertising Creative Director & Visual Artist, Lynn Herring took a break from her Ad career and sold her dream home in Woodstock, NY in order to attend graduate school. Her dream was to find a way to use art to help bring people together in a joyful way.

It took 3 years for her to create XOX! Share the Love. The elements that were so important were beautiful vibrant colors, the touch and feel of the game pieces, and the game play had to be fun and challenging for adults. And of course, the design of every element of the game from the box to the score pad, game board and game pieces were thought through, crafted by Herring and made with love. 


To learn more about Lynn Herring's art practice visit www.lynnherringartist.com

 US Patent: US D936,745 S